Top Executive Going Global

This service is designed for Country Managers and CEOs who are preparing for the transition to a regional or global position. It takes high-level executives who are about to take a game-changing turn in their career, to a place of reflection and strategy. A place that allows them to make use of everything they have discovered about themselves - the sources of their energy, their deep motivations, and their value systems – over the course of many echelons of their career, so that they can now create a strategy that fully convinces them – and ultimately, will convince others.

  • They have a corporate sponsor for this planned transition, but are unable to disclose deeper-level reservations and concerns to anyone inside the organisation. Since they also realize they cannot disappoint their sponsors by failing to deliver in the new position, they are acutely aware of the importance of their next steps.
  • They also see the opportunities the new role presents, and are motivated to expand their scope of influence. They may feel that there is a know-how gap for them to bridge, so that they will succeed at this level of game.
  • Many executives feel most of all as leaders and problem-solvers rather than administrators. They realize the fundamental differences between their current and future position, and wonder what impact a transition to a hands-off regional or global position will have on their life and career. 

Relevant support for them would mean someone who’d take them beyond the simple decision-making level of this issue; to a personal fit, influencing skills and mindset update as well as support in fully grasping and using the potential of that role. This is why our collaboration usually starts in that preparatory decision-making phase, and then moves on to provide tangible support for

-       tackling the intricacies of their new role

-       how to implement changes that will work in their new environment

-       mapping the complex cobweb of expectations

Due to the highly individual nature of this programme, I recommend arranging a phone conference or personal meeting for further details.